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What we do?

We help influencers take control of their social network.

Never lose your followers again

We keep your followers separate from the content you create on Social Media so in the case of mass reporting, account suspension or woke cancellation, you can still keep and interact with the followers you've worked so hard to attract.

Beat Shadow-banning

Use our platform to notify your followers anytime you post new content so they don't miss anything due to shadow-banning.

Bring all your followers together

We bring all your followers from all your platforms together, making it easy to reach out and communicate with them without big-tech interferance.


Our pricing is set to meet the needs of every influencer in the world.



Bronze Plan

$1.99 mo
$19.99 yr
  • 0 - 100K Followers
  • Free Email
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time

Gold Plan

$3.99 mo
$39.99 yr
  • 500K+ Followers
  • Free Email
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time

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